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Video 1: How Abundance can transform
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Mind shift master, Wolfgang Riebe has appeared in over 150 countries and inspired over 1 Million people. His approach is simple and based on personal experience. Have your own personal coach speak to you and change your life!

(July 1 2014) Norman said:
We need more people like you in this world. maybe then people would start changing for the better. Thanks for giving!

(May 23 2014) Anonymous said:
You are deep man!

(February 18 2014) John B said:
Check out his daily inspirations at positivpeople.com - maya awesome!

(February 13 2014) Wendy said:
Go to inspiringtheworld, or just type in his name.

(February 13 2014) Gayle Richards said:
Have you seen this guy's stuff on You Tube! I spent the whole day on his channel!

(December 6 2013) Arthur D said:

(December 5 2013)
Dave said:
Gonna get my wife this course for Xmas!

(September 17 2013) Martin said:
Can you come speak at our university in Texas!

(September 1 2013) Martin said:
Yea agree, nice to see a sincere inspirational speaker!

(August 23 2013) Patrinella said:
You are sincere and really made me think - thank you!

(June 4, 2013) Jheniffer said:

Every morning I wake up at 5:45am and the first thing I heard is music.
I am 11 years old I try to live my life in the most beautiful way that I can think of.
I just want to say that this guy is amesing.

(Apr 20, 2013) Michelle said:
Wow, the Discover Your Magic course has completely changed my life. If you thought these 4 Life Truths were great, you definitely need to watch Discover Your Magic. Thank for making the world a better place Wolfgang!

(Mar 14, 2013) KEN said:
My wood art, whether turned or carved imitates nature. The realization that the nature provides the best insight to art has inspired me to illuminate nature in my art. Your lesson confirmed my inspirations.

(Feb 20, 2013) Carolyn said:
I LOVE the way you think, the world needs to "get" more of this. To me flowers, birds all living things are taken for granted. One needs to stop & realize the gift we've been given & truly see & feel the beauty that is right in front of us & not noticed by the majority. I thank you for this I will carry on with your other lessons. Wealth is also a reality check, your wise words explain it well. 👍😊thank you... Rock on!!!😎

(Jan 12, 2013) Terry Haines said:
I love your stuff, I have read just about everything in itunes. They are amazing and inspirational, you are sending me the 4 part truth things one at a time, please dont think I am just deleting them. I read all 4 on your website, or in one of the things on itunes. I hope you get half as much enjoyment producing all these things as I get reading them. GREAT STUFF.

(Jan 5, 2013) Cheryl Sexstella-Wright said:
I find it interesting that so much of what you have already said in your video that I watched is what I too say daily. As an educator I went back into the classroom where I believe I can affect more individuals. Young minds I believe may be more willing and ready to be molded in the positive. I often use the statement to students and others as well that “You are in charge of your mood and attitude”. I also share with them that we live in a negative society BUT we don’t have to accept that and WE/THEY can the agents to change it for the better……change it so that we emphasize the positive and are grateful for each and every blessing that we receive or give for that matter. I would love to share more….

(Nov 24, 2012) Paddy Early said:
Very powerful and inspirational. Thank you Wolfgang!